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The StartCanada Blog provides insights about some of the work that we’re doing; including web design / development, design thinking, social media marketing, small business information, trends, tips, ideas and inspiration for start-ups, professionals, non-profits and small businesses.

Before & After: Roaming Alberta Meats Website

StartCanada client, Roaming Alberta Meats, connects meat producers to consumers. They believe in local, sustainable, ethical and delicious food! They are committed to sourcing local products that are grazed on native grasses, not given any antibiotics or growth hormones, and are finished on non-GMO grain from heritage seed to ensure an impeccable flavour.

Home Page: Before \ After

Products Page: Before \ After

Highlights of the new Roaming Alberta Meats website we created include:

  • Redeveloped logo / branding
  • Image product links with mouse hover animation
  • Blog page that includes news, events and recipes
  • Blog that allows remote updating through standard browsers
  • Specific subject selection list in the Contact page
  • Sliding image links of farmers on the Home page
  • Latest Blog page feeds on the Home page

Click and explore the Roaming Alberta Meats website!

Website Update: Lorenzo M. Tañada Website

The Lorenzo M. Tañada website is a biographical timeline of a man highly regarded as a hero in the Philippines. It was initially in 1998, coded in html and distributed in CD-ROM, to commemorate the centennial of his life.

Before \ After

Highlights of the lorenzomtanada.org website update include:

  • Image banner animation
  • Fully responsive layout that takes advantage of negative space in a 4 column layout on a desktop computer and transforms to a single column on a smartphone
  • Implementation of multimedia information such as image and document image enlargements, audio interviews through SoundCloud streams and embedded videos through YouTube.
  • Page load animation allows sections of the page to fade in during scrolling to provide clutter-free, undistracted reading
  • Social media sharing options

Page Layout

Click and explore the Lorenzo M. Tañada website!

Before & After: Durango Developments Website

StartCanada client, Durango Developments, is a forward-thinking, service-driven, inner-city boutique builder with over 20 years of experience. They build custom homes, spec homes and infill homes, including renovation of kitchens, bathrooms, basements and additions. Here are before and after screenshots of the work we did on their website.

Home Page: Before \ After

Portfolio Page: Before \ After

Highlights of the new Durango Developments website we created include:

  • A new logo and slogan / brand identification
  • Left-hand menu navigation
  • Social media links
  • Integration of client testimonials
  • Portfolio photo thumbnails and galleries
  • A blog that allows remote updating through standard browsers
  • Latest Blog page feeds on the Home page
  • Section summaries on the Home page, including the latest Blog posts

Click and explore the Durango Developments website!

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