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The StartCanada Blog provides insights about some of the work that we’re doing; including web design / development, design thinking, social media marketing, small business information, trends, tips, ideas and inspiration for start-ups, professionals, non-profits and small businesses.

Build a Staffless Office

"We don't have any employees. Whether it's copywriters or graphic designers, or even finance consultants, everyone is brought in on an as-needed basis. A lot of HR departments operate like that - companies don't need a full-time HR staff, so they have them subcontracted. It's a win-win, because the sub-contractor gets flexibility of not being tied down to one company, and the business doesn't have the overhead and the payroll expenses, and doesn't need the extra space for these people." - Joanna Track, Co-Founder, Good Eggs and Co.

Source: Canadian Business
Photo: © Angelo Narciso, McMahon Stadium, Calgary, AB

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Big dreams. Start here.

StartCanada is a Canadian company that designs, develops and manages elegant and effective websites for start-ups, professionals, non-profits and small businesses. StartCanada also provides social media marketing services for its clients.

Angelo Narciso leads StartCanada and is involved with business development, the design thinking process of web design / development, website management and social media marketing.